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Fill in the contact form or call our friendly local centre to arrange a quick & easy pick up We will come and pick up from any location, and at a time convenient to you Get a bank transfer or a cheque the same day to spend on whatever you like!

How It Works

Scrapping your old or damaged car is quick and easy with Scrap Car Pick-up.

We don’t like over-complicated processes any more than you do, so we make it really easy for you to scrap your car legally, safely and responsibly, whilst getting the maximum amount of money back from it.

  1. We collect your car.
    Once you’ve contacted us on 01792 260476 and agreed a great price for your car we’ll come out to you. We’ll arrange a time to suit you and simply take your car away.
  2. We’ll dispose of your car legally.
    We’ll take your car to a licenced dismantlers and make sure that your car is disposed of correctly and in line with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. We’re sure you don’t want to harm the environment, and as a licenced merchant, neither do we.
  3. We recycle your car.
    Any parts of your car that can be recycled are then salvaged and sent to the correct recycling plants. Your old car will live on through its materials.
  4. We’ll deal with all the DVLA documents.
    When you scrap a car you need to follow the End-of-Iife Vehicle Regulations set out in 2003 and you also need to provide all the right documents. When you choose Scrap Car Pick-up you don’t need to worry about anything because we scrap cars like yours every day. We make sure you get your Certificate of Destruction within 6 weeks of your car being scrapped.

We like to keep things simple so you don’t have a complicated disposal on your hands.

Our quick, simple and FREE collection means you’ll soon be free of your old car, free of worry, and with a handful of cash too.

Call our team of experts today or fill out our simple form above. It really is that simple.

For questions or to speak with a representative please call
01792 260476